Web-Controlled Servo

Required Materials The components required for this project are as follows: Arduino UnoServo motor (sg90)ESP8266ESP-01 adapterConnecting wires Connecting the...

Cara Mengembalikan Akun Clash Of Clans yang hilang dengan mudah tanpa ribet

Hallo teman-teman, kali ini mimin mau kasih tau ke kalian cara memulihkan akun coc kalian yang hilang ya gaess:). Cara ini berlaku buat kalian yang lupa email atau belum...

Main Motorcycle Components

MAIN MOTORCYCLE COMPONENTS - Motorcycles, like cars and other power planes, need the power to move, fight air resistance, tire friction, and other obstacles. To enable a motorbike that we drive...

Understanding Motorcycle Valves

The valve is driven by a valve mechanism, which consists of: 1. Camshaft 2. Pushrods 3. Cover springs 4. Adjusting bolt rollers TENTANGKITA The valve is only found on a four-step motor, while the two-step motor generally...

Understanding Capacitors / Condensers

Capacitors are electrical components that can store electrical energy within a certain period. It is said in a certain period because even though the capacitor is filled with an electric charge,...

How Can You Prevent Troubled AC Car Filters?

A car air conditioner is an important part of a car that has a lot of components, such as compressors, condensers, dryer filters, expansion valves, and evaporators. All components mentioned are...

How do I fix the problematic Magnetic Clutch AC Car?

The car has a series of components that have a function to cool the cabin space of a vehicle which is often known as car air conditioning. But not...
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What problems can occur with the Car AC Filter Dryer?

What Are the Problems That Can Occur in a Car AC Filter Dryer?Prevent Car AC Filter Dryer Problems with Routine Service Filter driers are one of...

Welcome to Menganti Beach Indonesian

Menganti Beach Menganti Beach Location This beach is located in the Karangduwur area, Ayah District which is still included in the Kebumen Regency, Central Java. It...
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How to Make Roast Chicken by Tentangkita

It can be eaten with vegetables or vegetable lettuce. Materials: 1 chicken Buras, cut into 4 parts 1 Salam leaves 2 pieces of kaffir lime leaves 1 liter of coconut water 1 tbsp margarine Puree: 5 shallots 3 cloves...
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Presto grilled chicken

Presto grilled chicken Materials: Chicken 1 tail, cut to taste water to taste sweet soy sauce Butter (to burn) Mashed Spices: Shallot 5 cloves Garlic 3 cloves Ginger 1 cm Turmeric 2 cm Laos 5 cm (thinly sliced) Lengkuas 3 Seeds Hazelnut...