4 Beauty of Sembalun in Lombok Indonesia

Who doesn’t know Mount Rinjani? This beautiful and handsome mountain in the East Lombok region is often served as a climbing destination. So far, maybe many people are more familiar with Mount Rinjani tourism.

But who would have thought that under the foot of Mount Rinjani there was a small paradise with quite enchanting beauty. In fact, its beauty is enough to attract many people to stay there longer.

The following are Sembalun tourist destinations that tourists can visit while in Lombok.

1. Beleq Village

In this traditional village complex, there are 7 traditional houses that are still traditional and 2 bracelets or storage places for property and 1 poor bale used for worship and one magical stone called the pasek gumi.

The houses in this traditional village are made of straw and woven bamboo. The floor is made of clay which is usually mixed with buffalo dung and straw ash. The location of this village is close to Bukit Selong.

2. Mangku Sakti Waterfall

This waterfall is not that high, but some of the spots in this waterfall are very unique so that many couples choose this place to be a place for pre-wedding photos, not only that, many easy children also come here to refresh themselves like swimming and playing water.

3. Mount Rinjani

On this mountain, tourists can see various beautiful natural scenery such as Segara Anak Lake, the blooming edelwais, beautiful sunrise and sunset, as well as all sides of Lombok island, even Bali and Sumba islands.

4. Own Strawberry Picking Tour

Not only can you enjoy the view of the towering hills, in Sembalun Village you can also enjoy picking a strawberry garden that you can’t miss.

The strawberries here are very sweet and ripe and you can pick them yourself. The location of this fruit picking tour is very easy to find, you can see this strawberry garden along the Jalan Desa Sembalun.

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