5 The Beauty of Sumur Tiga Beach Tourism

On the east coast of Pulau Weh, Sabang City, there is a beach that has its own charm. The beach is beautiful and beautiful, decorated with white sand that stretches neatly.

Really soothes the souls who come to him. Pantai Sumur Tiga is the name of the beach.

Sumur Tiga Beach has extraordinary beauty, there are rippling waves so it’s perfect to test your adrenaline on the ocean.

The naming of a location is closely related to events, figures, or other objects that are considered sacred, legendary, or because of a form of respect.

Once upon a time around the coast there were three wells which became springs for local residents. Very amazing, because the water produced is not salt water but fresh water.

However, unfortunately this well is no longer used by local residents, but is a historical witness to its proud past.

The following is the beauty of Sumur Tiga Beach Tourism

1. Playing Sand And Beach Water

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Sumur Tiga Beach has water quality that is still clear. This is indicated by the water which is still turquoise. Adding to the beauty of Pantai Sumur Tiga as an extraordinary masterpiece of the Creator.

This location has clean white sand, so that from a distance it looks like sparkling crystals.

Children can even play in the sand accompanied by a breeze that soothes your playing soul.

2. Historical Citadel

Japan landed on Pulau Weh around March 11-12, 1942. In that year World War II was going on.

Japan began to build fortifications across the coast in preparation for the Asia Pacific War. Because of its strategic location, making Sabang used as a Japanese defense area.

We can enjoy its natural beauty as well as historical stories around Sumur Tiga Beach. There’s no mistaking it, you must come to Sumur Tiga Beach, Pulau Weh, Sabang.

3. Spot Selfies

Tourists can also pose with the dazzling white sand. Or it could be a selfie close to historical heritage that has been passed down.

There will be no end if we discuss the beauty of Sumur Tiga Beach. Now, prepare your camera, then start to style with the blue background of Sumur Tiga Beach water, or during the sunrise seconds.

4. Old Well / Historical Well

Once upon a time, around the beach location there were three wells which were a source of water for local residents. Even though it is close to the beach, but miraculously, the water of the three wells is not salty but fresh.

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The three wells were the prima donna of their time. But now, it is no longer used and has become a historical witness.

5. Snorkeling and diving

The color of the water at Sumur Tiga Beach is blue-green, it shows that life under the sea is still well preserved.

For you underwater lovers, of course you must come to visit Sumur Tiga Beach and enjoy the amazing underwater beauty. The beauty of coral reefs is still well preserved.

You can rent snorkeling or diving equipment at the available rental places in the Sumur Tiga Beach area.

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