6 Functions of the Fn Key on a Computer Keyboard

Fn stands for function, so of course this button has a specific function. Now try my friend, pay attention to the F1 – F12 keys at the top of the laptop/computer keyboard, the arrow keys on the keyboard also sometimes contain additional icons.

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Return to the F1 – F12 keys. There, in addition to the written text, additional icons are also visible, such as the speaker icon, the sun icon, the wifi icon, the touchpad icon and other icons.

The function of the fn key is to perform the functions at the bottom, for example on my keyboard, the F3 key below contains the wifi icon.

When we press the F3 key, the F3 function runs, but if we press Fn and then press F3 then the wifi icon function runs, where this icon functions to turn off and turn on wifi.

How to use: Press the Fn key, hold it then press the keyboard key which has additional functions. Almost the same as using the Shift key which serves to use other functions of the letter and number keys.

Functions That Can Be Executed With the Fn . Key

  1. Speaker Icon (2 Buttons): Increase and decrease the volume
  2. Speaker icon underlined: To mute / mute
  3. Sun Icon (2 Buttons): Increase and decrease the brightness of the laptop screen
  4. Wifi Icon: Turn Wifi on and off
  5. Icon 2 Screen : Connects to an additional screen, such as a projector.
  6. Touchpad icon: Turn off and turn on the touch pad function, very helpful if you are typing and using the mouse

Note: Some laptops put the function icon at the top and the words F1 – F12 at the bottom of the button, which means if my friend presses Fn + the button, the function of the F1-F12 button at the bottom is running

That’s the function of the fn key on the keyboard, of course, this way you can use additional shortcuts on the keyboard. I often use this method to raise and lower the speaker volume. good luck

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