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6 How to reduce photo size to 200 kb

Image Optimizer, Waifu 2X, and are some websites that can be used to increase JPG file size up to 200 Kb.

Sometimes there are many trivial things that we may often ignore but actually have their own importance related to our daily activities.

For example, such as reducing the size of the photo. Now, you can easily reduce the size of your photos with your cellphone and personal computer (PC).

How to reduce photo size

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1. Waifu 2X

When you open this website for the first time, the menu for changing the size of the JPG file is immediately found.

Using the Waifu 2X website is also quite easy. Click Choose File to retrieve the JPG file from the computer folder then click the Upscaling button as needed.

One of the advantages of this website is the presence of a Noise Reduction menu to reduce the risk of blurring after the original JPG file size is changed.

After the setup is complete, click Convert, wait a moment, then click Download to download it to your computer.


How to increase the size of a JPG file on can be done in three steps, namely selecting the file, selecting the image optimization mode, and selecting the size. also allows you to edit files from non-folder computers, namely from cloud services such as Drive, Box, and Dropbox. Regarding the output later in the form of a ZIP file format.

3. Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer has a simple interface and interface that makes it easy to understand. On the landing page of this site, you will immediately find a feature to increase the size of the JPG file.

To use it, click the Choose File menu to retrieve a JPG file from a computer folder, then select the size (pixels) and quality, from Minimum to Best.

Then, click Optimize Now! for next process. Wait a moment for it to finish, then download the resized JPG file. Done.


Compress JPEG can be used to compress many JPG files at once, up to 20 files. The compression process can also be done separately or together.

While the result will be in Zip file format when compressing many JPG files at once (bulk). Here are the steps to shrink a photo using the site:

Please visit the site via the browser page
Select up to 20 .jpg or .jpeg images from your device. Or drag files to the drop area.

Wait for the compression to finish.
Download the compressed images either separately or all at once in a ZIP file.


TinyPNG is an online image compression site that uses lossy compression techniques to reduce PNG file sizes by over 70%.

With this TinyPNG, you can upload multiple images at once (up to 20) with a maximum file size of 5MB.

Here are the steps to shrink a photo using the TinyPNG site:

Visit the site via the browser page
Once on the TinyPNG homepage, click the upload photo button
Select the photo you want to reduce in size

Next, you will see the process of uploading and compressing photos
Once the photo compression is complete, you will see the compression percent

Download the reduced photo by clicking the download link
In the notification that appears, click OK to save the photo
Finally, please review the photos that have been downloaded and saved


Image online is a photo compression web that has been widely used for the need to reduce photo file sizes.

The supported file formats are JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG. Only by uploading the photo that you want to resize to this site, then you can also reduce or enlarge the image by selecting the option you want.

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Here are the steps to shrink a photo using the online Image site:

First open a browser on either a PC or smartphone then access this site page

On the main page you will see some of the features provided. To reduce the size of the photo, you can click the Compress menu
Once on the Compress page Select ‘Choose File’

A new window will appear and look for the photo that you want to reduce on your cellphone or PC

The next step, in the Compression settings for JPG file, select Size reduction megapixels 20% or 30%. However, if you want a smaller file size, choose 60%.

After everything is set, click the OK button and the process of reducing the photo size will begin

After the process is complete, a new page will appear where you will see the size of the file before it is compressed and after it is compressed.
Finally, you can directly download the photo by clicking ‘Download processed image’.

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