6 Natural Beauty of Lake Toba, Must Be Visited

The natural beauty of tourist attractions in Indonesia is indeed very charming. There are tourist attractions that have their own uniqueness and historical value that attracts tourists to come.

Lake Toba is one of the popular tourist attractions that have been known worldwide.

The beauty of this lake in North Sumatra will not be found in other tourist attractions. Captivating views are the choice for vacation spots.

This unbeatable natural scenery will enchant visitors to linger in this famous tourist spot in Indonesia.

Natural Panorama

This area which is twice the size of Singapore gives you the sensation of an extraordinary vacation and is different from other tourist attractions.

This largest volcanic lake is a lake formed from the three eruptions of Mount Merapi on Mount Toba. The eruption that occurred was so large that it formed the lake which is now popularly known as Toba.

The existence of Samosir Island in the middle of this lake makes this place even more unique and attracts tourists.

The following are the beauty of Lake Toba

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1. Camping on the Hill

Holbung Hill, is a hill near Lake Toba. This hill is visited by tourists who prefer to enjoy the beauty around the lake from a height.

On this hill you can also camp with friends, set up tents and spend the night together.

2. Tour the Lake

You can use the boat around the lake to enjoy the beauty of the lake from the center. Surrounded by hills, mountains and forests with green trees it looks very amazing.

3. Cultural Tourism

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Around the Lake Toba area, there are many cultural tours such as the typical Batak houses whose residents are indigenous Batak tribes.

In this place you will be given a performance in the form of a traditional Merjuma dance and other performances that are more fun and exciting.

4. Park Tourism

Around this park, there is a pine forest with a soothing river flow.

In this park there are 5 magnificent places of worship. Where these buildings are also visited by many foreign tourists.

5. Sipiso-Piso Waterfall

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This waterfall near the lake which has a height of about 120 meters is one of the busiest visits by tourists.

The location of the waterfall, which is surrounded by high hills and cliffs, is very beautiful and looks beautiful. To get to this waterfall you have to go down more than 500 steps.

6. Water Sport

The lake with an area of ​​1,130 km2 provides a variety of water activities that you can enjoy with your family. Some of the activities are banana boat, jet ski and others.

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