Balinese seasoning is known for its strong taste because it has a taste of spice rich spices.

One cook who successfully combines the ten materials is perfectly believed to form the strength of the central axis, the power of Shiva which is able to maintain food hygiene from all disease contamination.

History of Bumbu Bali

There is no definite time when the Balinese are familiar with the spice and poison. However, some people believe that the spice is a god-given blessing to the Pandavas. Yudhistira given the salty flavor, Bima flavor Sepat, Arjuna taste bitter, Nakula spicy flavor, and Sadewa sweet flavor.

In addition, Drupadi also endowed with a sour flavor. The flavors are then manifested in some materials, such as salty into Kencur, Sepat is galangal, bitter in the form of turmeric, spicy intangible ginger, sweet is onion and garlic, and sour to be lime.

Ingredients that are genuine herbs grown in Bali are chili peppers, shallots, garlic, galangal, turmeric, ginger, candlenut, coriander, cardamom, oranges, and coconuts. Since the kingdom period around the 9th century, these materials have been cultivated in Bali as a medicinal and flavoring food. While spices such as nutmeg, clove, pepper, and pepper, are not known in Bali. It is likely that the spices were brought by merchants who stopped by in Bali.


1kg chicken

4 garlic

8 shallots

1 Onion

1 greeting leaf

2 Lemongrass

5 sheets of orange leaves

3 Curly Chilli

A little sugar

A little soy sauce

A little Salt

A little cooking oil

A little water

The steps

  • Fried Chicken use cooking oil until cooked (wait a while and drain)
  • Slice all ingredients (garlic, shallots, onion, orange leaf, curly chili)
  • Crush the lemongrass so it smells good
  • Saute all ingredients with a little cooking oil (shallots, garlic, onions, orange leaves, bay leaves, lemongrass)
  • Wait until cooked and fragrant
  • Put fried chicken
  • Put soy sauce, sugar, salt, and Curly chili
  • Put a little water (So the seasoning pervasive into the chicken)
  • Wait a while until the seasoning pervasive


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