Benefits of Not Wearing Underwear

For some people, wearing underwear to accompany daily activities is mandatory.

And if they don’t wear their underwear for even five minutes, there will be a strange feeling and something is missing when they do the activity without wearing underwear.

There are also some people who are more comfortable not wearing underwear.

Here are some benefits of not wearing underwear that you might consider. Check out the details below.

1. Air flows more freely

The benefit of not wearing the first underwear is that the flow of air into the body becomes more flexible.

Because in general, one of the problems that can arise when wearing underwear is blocking air from entering sensitive areas.

And if the air does not flow sufficiently to the area, it will make the area of ​​the intimate organs humid so that it is not good for the health of the sex organs.

Therefore, by not wearing underwear, you can free the sensitive area from the underwear fabric.

2. Reducing the risk of yeast infection

The next benefit is being able to minimize the occurrence of fungal infections of the sex organs.

For those of you who like to get yeast infections, it’s okay to try not to wear underwear.

Moreover, some health experts say that the underwear has a bad content of heat and moisture.

Because mold occurs because of moisture.

Therefore sex organs need enough air and can remove moisture.

This moisture is one of the triggers of fungal infections and skin irritation.

3. Reducing the risk of friction

Furthermore, it can reduce the risk of friction in the area of ​​the sex organs.

Underpants can trap sweat and moisture during daily activities.

Usually sweat appears on the sex organs due to the closure of the intimate organ spaces. In addition to triggering a fungal infection, it can also cause friction which of course can irritate the skin.

Therefore, it is highly recommended not to wear underwear when exercising or doing activities that require a lot of sweat.

4. Reducing Blood Circulation Problems

The next benefit is that by removing the underwear, it can help the blood circulate smoothly throughout the body.

Some styles of underwear can feel so tight and cause friction, irritation, itching or pain, and leave marks on the skin around the intimate organs.

And this, can have an impact on blood circulation disorders. Therefore, removing your underwear can be one of the best options

These are some of the benefits of not wearing underwear. Hope this article helps.

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