Benefits of Salted Cork Fish Important to Know

There have been many studies that prove the benefits of snakehead fish for health, especially because of its very high albumin content.

Albumin itself is a protein compound which turns out to have a very important function in the wound healing process.

Since ancient times, Indonesians have been known for their knowledge of fish.

Pickling fish is one of the easiest ways to preserve fish that won’t last very long.

1. Fish Preservation Solution

Not everyone in Indonesia has a refrigerator to store fish, especially in rural areas.

Salted fish is one of the solutions so that the fish can last longer and for most fishermen it is also an additional income because some types of fish such as snakehead fish are actually priced more expensive when they are in the form of salted fish.

2. Increase Appetite

Its salty and savory taste has been shown to help increase appetite.

Many people claim that when their children have appetite problems, mixing their food with salted snakehead fish can actually increase their appetite so that they eat more and more.

3. Helps Overcome Anemia

Because it is high in iron content and can optimize the production of red blood cells, of course consuming salted snakehead fish can also help overcome anemia or low blood problems.

4. Good for Maintaining Body Resistance

When optimal red blood cell production and iron are met, one of the benefits you get is a healthier body and better endurance.

That means consuming salted fish is also recommended when you are recovering because it can also help speed up recovery after illness.

Side Effects of Consuming Salted Fish

Although salted snakehead fish can also be a side dish solution because it can be processed into a variety of delicious foods, you also have to be careful about the side effects that can be caused when consuming too much salted fish.

  • The sodium content in salted fish is very high due to the preservation process which uses a very large amount of salt.
  • Preservation using salt must also be considered the level of salt iodine because salt that is not iodized can certainly cause various health problems.
  • Several studies have also stated that consuming salted fish too often can also increase the risk of cancer.

To always maintain your health, it is recommended to consume fresh snakehead fish instead of salted cork fish, but as an Indonesian who is a fan of salted fish, consuming it occasionally is certainly not prohibited, but do not overdo it because it can increase some risk of disease.

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