Benefits of semen for the face

Semen has been widely discussed and used on the face and beauty of women.

It may be a little gross, but semen or sperm masks have long been popular on the face.

The technique of using cement as a facial treatment is known as the cement facial technique, where the semen is applied evenly to the face. This is believed to maintain facial health.

In 100 ml of semen contains 200 types of protein and zinc which can meet 3% of your body’s needs.

In addition, 100 ml of semen also contains several other nutrients, namely:

  • Urea as much as 45 ml,
  • Sugar either fructose or glucose,
  • Calcium,
  • Magnesium,
  • Potassium,
  • Amino acid,
  • Sulfur,

Some of the benefits of semen for the face are as follows:

1. Get rid of acne on the face

Semen contains calcium, minerals, and vitamins as a good source of antioxidants for the body.

According to the Norwegian beauty producer Bioforskning, spermine in water is known to have a function as an antioxidant that is effective in treating and preventing acne.

These antioxidants can overcome the development of bacteria on the face that causes acne. So, a semen mask can be used as a mask to treat acne.

2. Repair skin cells on the face

Semen also contains zinc as much as 3 percent and this is believed to be useful for repairing skin cells in the face.

According to research, the use of semen on the face is not sufficient to meet daily zinc needs.

Consuming foods rich in zinc such as nuts, dairy products, or seeds is also necessary to meet daily zinc needs.

The use of semen on the face and consuming foods rich in zinc can repair skin cells on the face effectively.

3. Increase collagen production

The zinc content in semen is also believed to increase collagen production which is beneficial for facial skin health.

Zinc does have good benefits for skin care.

However, consumption of foods containing zinc is more effective than using semen on the face in increasing collagen production.

4. Soften and smooth facial skin

Spermine in semen can also help to soften and smooth facial skin.

Norwegian beauty manufacturer Bioforskning states that a cream containing spermine can help to soften facial skin.

In addition, the urea contained in semen also helps to keep facial skin moist and smooth and helps the absorption of other facial products that are being used.

So, using semen can indeed help to soften and smooth facial skin.

5. Function as anti aging

Semen has antioxidants because it contains spermine.

This is believed to prevent premature aging and smooth the lines on the face.

According to research in Nature Cell Biology, semen can prevent premature aging and can work effectively when injected instead of applied to the face.

However, a Norwegian beauty cream manufacturer Bioforskning states that the cream from semen containing spermine can prevent premature aging as much as 20 percent and 30 times more effective properties.

These are some of the benefits of semen for the face that are believed by some people.

This benefit still requires more testing by experts to prove and convince the truth.

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