Some of the Benefits of Tobacco Leaves

Tobacco is a plant that is identical to the main ingredient of cigarettes. As a cigarette, tobacco is responsible for more deaths than any other herb.

Benefits of tobacco as an herbal plant

Nicotiana tabacum or tobacco is an herbaceous plant that grows year-round through cultivation. Tobacco grows to a height of between 1 and 2 meters. Other types of tobacco include Nicotiana sylvestris, Nicotiana tomentosiformis, and Nicotiana otophora.

Some of the benefits of tobacco include:

1. Medication for skin rashes, eczema and rheumatism.

The tobacco leaves are pounded until they are slightly smooth, then smeared on the injured body part.

2. Flu and Cough

Mix tobacco with leaves from desert plants, or Indian roots Balsam (cough root), and Leptotaenia multifida.

Indians believe these can help cure asthma and tuberculosis. They usually smoke the leaves to clear the nasal passages.

3. Insect bites, and poisonous snakes

After the poison has been sucked out, the leaves are chewed and then placed on the wound, and tied with a bandage. This method can also be used when stung by an insect.

4. Skin rashes, eczema and rheumatism

Indians use poultices made of tobacco to help soothe inflamed skin and reduce pain.

However, it is currently unknown how tobacco calms skin inflammation.

5. Toothpaste

Take the powdered tobacco then rub it on your teeth to clean.

Chopped or crushed tobacco leaves until smooth can be used as toothpaste by rubbing it all over the teeth.

Even though their teeth are reddish in color, this has been shown to clean the teeth and especially to make them strong despite their old age.

6. HIV / AIDS drugs

Still based on research initiated by Professor Mario Pezzoti, tobacco can also produce a protein drug for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS, called griffithsin.

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