8 Best Offline Football Games for Android 2021

TentangKitaNovember 19, 2023

Best Offline Football Games for Android 2021

Maybe some gamers will be more familiar with round skin games, such as Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) or FIFA 21 which are presented online. But know, Gaming Friends, that there are Android and PC offline soccer games that are no less exciting.

Hopefully the list below can be an alternative for Gaming Friends when playing soccer-themed games.

Here are a some Best Offline Football Games for Android 2021 :

1. Best Offline Football Games for Android 2021 – FIFA

Not only offers a stunning visual design, but Electronic Arts (EA) also brings extraordinary game mechanics.

The developers have prepared various game modes, where gamers can enjoy them offline or try those that must be connected to the internet. FIFA can be obtained via Steam, the EA App, Stadia, or the Epic Games Store.

2. eFootball

eFootball is a transition from its previous name, namely Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). Konami itself officially announced the new title in October 2021.

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Not only can it be enjoyed on a PC, however, eFootball is also included in the line of offline soccer games for Android and iOS. Developers provide several alternatives when playing it, where gamers can enjoy it online or offline.

3. Football Games for Android 2021 – Score! Hero

The quality of the graphics presented by the developer is quite good in Score Hero. To provide an exciting playing experience, this game provides more than 660 levels.

You can connect your game account to social media like Facebook. Then play together, with your friends on the platform made by Meta.

4. Flick Shoot – Soccer Football

Next is Flick Shoot – Soccer Football, which offers a game with a similar concept, namely soccer. Regarding graphic quality, it’s not as good as FIFA, it’s just that the gameplay is quite fun.

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In it, you can choose Single Match, Shoot Challenge, and Shoot Wall Challenge modes. But it should be emphasized again, the graphics are not very impressive.

5. Real Football

Now let’s introduce Real Football, coming from the famous developer, namely Gameloft. The excitement itself can be matched by top Android offline soccer games.

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Through the big name of the developer, Real Football has managed to get a total of more than 50 million downloads. It’s just that the rating is perched at 3.7/5 out of a total of 989 thousand reviews.

6. Soccer Cup 2021

Soccer Cup 2021 is an offline soccer game for Android which is quite fun. Given that it is available to users of the green robot operating system.

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At least the developers have prepared four game modes. This mode is certainly different, starting from Season, Tournament, Practice and Career mode. Well, Soccer Cup 2021 is a free soccer game.

7. Stick Soccer 2

Stick Soccer 2, is an Android offline soccer game made by the developer Stick Sports. In it they offer a lot of things, so players don’t get bored and get great excitement.

You can collect cards, and improve team performance.Best Offline Football Games for Android 2021 The quality itself has been recognized by more than 1 million gamers who downloaded it, and received a rating of 4.2/5 stars from a total of 24.4 thousand reviews.

8. Ultimate Soccer

If you want to feel the sensation of playing an offline Android soccer game like eFootball, but with lower quality, you can try Ultimate Soccer – Football. To move the players and the ball is not just rubbed.

However, by moving the analog features provided by the developer. Mouse Games also inserts two buttons that are used for passing and shooting.

If from the series of titles above there are still some that are lacking or inappropriate, you can submit them in the comments column below.

Those are some of the Best Offline Football Games for Android 2021.

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