10 Best Second Striker Players in PES 2021 Mobile

Best Second Striker Players in PES 2021 Mobile

Best Second Striker Players in PES 2021 Mobile. Some of the other duties and functions of a Second Striker (SS) are assisting pure strikers, distracting the opponent’s defender’s concentration, dribbling and entering the opponent’s area, passing to create short assists, being the target of guarding by opposing defenders, taking long-range kicks. and much more.

Because of the many roles, of course, an SS must be equipped with various skills and abilities, such as running speed, good acceleration, agility, passing, ball control, long-distance shooting, jumping, heading, finishing, creativity, and physical strength.

In the PES game itself, you can change the position of the striker to become an SS. However, top players with the Second Striker position themselves are quite difficult to get, not as easy as looking for other attackers. Therefore, here I provide a list of some of the best players in PES with SS positions.

Best Second Striker Players in PES 2021 Mobile

1. Johan Cruijff

The first position is occupied by a player from the Netherlands named Cruijff. This player is an Iconic Moment type.

With a normal rating of 95 and a max rating + club boost of 101, making Johan Cruijff the SS position player with the highest rating in PES 2021. One of the advantages of this player is that he has perfect dribbling abilities, all of which are 99, both from ball control, dribbling, tight possession, and balance.

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2. Alessandro Del Piero

Alessandro Del Piero

Alessandro Del Piero or more often called Del Piero is an Italian player who is famous for his shrewdness in dribbling and free kicks. Evidently, in PES 2021 he got an Iconic Moment with a rating of 92 and a maximum of 100 (club boost), a dribbling rating of 99, balance 99, ball control 99, tight possession 98, place kicking 97, and curl 98.

3. Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona

Maradona is meant here is a player version of Legend. Maradona himself has a rating of 97 with a max upgrade of up to a rating of 100. One of the advantages of Maradona compared to Cruijff is that he has a higher offensive awareness and finishing, which are 98 and 99 respectively. Maradona will produce a goal.

4. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

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The player who is often referred to as Rummenigge is now serving as chairman of the Bayern Munich club. Rummenigge himself has a rating of 93 with a max level + club boost to 100. With his attacking ability rating of 98, making him one of the Second Strikers who are suitable as the main striker.

5. Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti or more often called Totti is a footballer who is famous for his loyalty to one club, namely AS Roma. In PES 2021 Mobile, he gets a rating of 91 with a maximum of 99 when using club boost. One of Totti’s strengths is his ability to pass. In fact, the passing rating is 99 for the low pass and 97 for the lofted pass.

6. Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis Bergkamp

Famous for his excellent ball control and finishing, Bergkamp is one of the best Second Strikers in the latest PES 2021. With a rating of 94 and a maximum of 98, it turns out that Bergkamp has a higher rating if positioned elsewhere, such as a rating of 99 on CF and 100 on AMF. Moreover, Bergkamp has a finishing 97 and long range shooting skill, making him a mainstay player to shoot from a distance.

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7. Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala, a soccer player who is still actively playing for the Italian club, Juventus. Dybala himself has a rating of 88 with 94 at the maximum level. With a balance rating of 95 and dribbling 92, making it suitable as a player who is able to break through the enemy defense line without fear of losing the ball.

8. João Félix Sequeira

João Félix Sequeira

João Félix Sequeira or more commonly known as Joao Felix is a young player who is still 21 years old and was awarded the Golden Boy award. Although he is not classified as a Black Ball player because he has a rating of 83, he can be leveled up to a rating of 94. With his playing style as a creative playmaker, Joao Felix is able to walk around in the opponent’s area to pass the ball to the main striker.

9. Thomas Müller

Thomas Müller

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Thomas Müller remains one of the mainstay strikers for German giants Bayern Munich. With a rating of 86 which can be increased to 92, Müller is one of the best Second Strikers in PES 2021 Mobile. One of the advantages possessed by Müller is that he has an offensive awareness of up to 99.

10. Josip Iličić

Josip Iličić

Josip Iličić, a Slovenian player who has had a successful career in Serie A. Even if you look at his rating during his time at FIFA, Iličić has always improved from year to year. In fact, this year he has turned 32, but he has a rating of 86 with a maximum of 92. One of the advantages of Iličić is that he has excellent ball control with an almost maximum rating of 98.

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