Beware of Using Incorrect Ink Can Cause This

If we talk about printers, of course we cannot be separated from the name ink. Ink has the most important role when it comes to printing.

Quality ink will certainly guarantee the quality of the printing that you will produce later. But in this thread, we will not focus on how to choose good / quality ink for printers, or print with high quality.

Basically, the ink actually fills the print space of the entire photo, so it also affects the image of the object and we want to set it however the image does not match the image that is monitor, caused by a problem with the Cyan ink.

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How to solve this kind of thing?

The best solution that needs to be taken is to drain the ink (Cyan)

The trick is we have to dismantle the printer casing and then we waste the ink in question.

Then in the tube, do suction, you can use a used injection of ink filling, suction and discard all the ink.

Remove the cassing on the body, then the next step is to remove the Cyan cartridge from the Carriage Head.

Then please refill the drained ink with new ink.

Put the cartridge back on the Printer Head, you can also take a brush for the cleaning process if you need it.

The final step is to just plug the casing back in as before, then do the ink filling with the new ink that we drained earlier.

Next, we only need to do Deep Cleaning first so that the new ink supply can fill the head space, as well as removing all of the expired ink before becoming fresh and new ink.

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