Canon Printer Cartridge Solutions The Ink Cannot Come Out

In various kinds of trouble when we use a printer, especially with a canon printer, namely the problem with the cartridges where the ink does not come out during the printing process, there are even many cases that I have encountered, it is said that the cartridge is still new but the condition is not like it is suitable for use anymore.

Here I will try to provide some references that bear fruit solutions related to the title above, which you can try at home according to the types of problems you encounter, so we will get to the point.

The Ink Cannot Come Out Due To The Charging Process

Here I emphasize that such cases often occur, and are caused by errors during the process of refilling printer cartridges. Primarily on printers that have not been refilled or only fill with the method of injecting directly into the cartridge.

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What causes the problem here is not because of how to fill it but the quantity of ink that is inserted is excessive, even though there are instructions written on each refilled ink package in fact , it turns out that there are still many of our brothers who don’t understand the correct method or how to fill ink on the printer.

Please read the correct way to fill in canon printer ink and the most dominant here is that there are many of our friends who do the refilling process by filling it very full, even though it is very bad. recommend.

  • For Refil Users, we only need to do deep cleaning 2 times. To get rid of any extra ink that is in the cartridge. If you are an infusion printer user, you only need to remove the infusion tube in the cartridge first, then do a deep cleaning at least 2 times.
  • Ink can not come out because it is clogged. Apart from being caused by the filling process, other causes are clogged, in the sense that the Nozzle cartridge is covered by dry ink, usually this kind of thing is often found in printers that are rarely used, and are stored for a long time before being used again so that the ink is left on the tip or in the mouth. the nozzle dries and blocks the ink egress while printing.

How to know which ink does not damage the printer? try here how to choose good and quality ink.

So, what if what happened was due to clogging? If you experience something like this, here are tips that I will try to share, namely by washing the cartridge, the method is very simple, namely by soaking the cartridge mouth with head cleaning liquid / liquid (please buy) or make your own HERE for 15-30 This minute depends on the level of the clumping ink density earlier, this method I have often practiced, and has proven effective in overcoming clogged cartridges.

The Ink Cannot Come Out Because The Nozzle Worn The third cause is the cartridge nozzle part is worn out, not thirsty, but wear well it is different with the 2 criteria above, wear here is one of them because the printer has printed on a scale that we can say is large which causes the brass cartridge plate (Nozzle) to wear out, so no matter how good the ink we use, the ink is still cannot exit during the printing process.

For problems like this as far as I am concerned, we can say the end of the cartridge life. it means that the cartridge can no longer be used or repaired, with the two methods I have described above.

Because this concerns the physicality of the cartridge itself, we only have to replace the solution with a new cartridge. whether there are those out there who are capable or not, but over time so far I have not found this one problem at all.

For that, that’s all for this thread as usual, if you have something to ask or want to add, please scribble the comment box below. last word wassalam

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