Characteristics of Quality Chicken Food

11 Characteristics of Quality Chicken Food

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Characteristics of Quality Chicken Food

Choosing the right food for chickens can ensure they get adequate and balanced nutritional intake. The following are some of the characteristics of quality chicken food that you need to know:

1. Has Adequate Energy Content

The energy in the food will help the chickens maintain proper body temperature, activity and meet their metabolic needs. Carbohydrates and fats are the main sources of energy in the chicken diet. Make sure the food you choose has an energy content that matches the type of chicken being raised.

2. Has the Right Protein Content

Protein is an essential nutritional food for good bone, muscle growth and egg production. A quality feed will have a protein percentage intended for the type of chicken being raised. For example, laying hens require a higher protein content than broilers.

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3. Adequate Vitamin and Mineral Content

Vitamins and minerals are important in maintaining the health of chickens and their immune systems. Quality chicken food will contain sufficient vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Make sure the food you choose contains a variety of these important nutrients to keep your chickens healthy and productive.

4. Does Not Contain Hazardous Materials

Check food labels carefully and make sure no toxic additives or antibiotics have been overused. Also, avoid foods that contain unnecessary preservatives or artificial coloring.

5. Good Quality Raw Materials

High quality raw materials will provide optimal nutrition for chickens. Choose foods made from whole grains, vegetables, and high-quality sources of vegetable or animal protein. Also check the expiration date on food packaging to ensure safety and freshness.

6. High Digestibility

By paying attention to the characteristics of the feed mentioned above, you can ensure that your chickens are getting proper and safe nutrition. Remember that a good diet will have a positive impact on the growth, production and health of your chickens. Take care of the quality of the feed, and you will make significant profits in the livestock business.

7. Low Antinutrients

Many types of antinutrients are found in poultry feed, antinutrients are categorized into anticarbohydrates, antiproteins, and antiminerals. Antinutrients work by binding to carbohydrates, proteins or minerals, making it difficult for chickens to digest and only a small amount can be absorbed and utilized by the body.

8. Does Not Contain Toxins

An example of a poison found in feed is mycotoxin contamination (fungus poison). The toxin is produced by fungi that grow and contaminate the feed and feed ingredients, usually the high water content in the feed is the main cause.

9. Complete Nutrition Content

Complete nutritional content according to the needs of chickens is an important requirement for quality feed. The nutritional components needed by the chicken body are protein, energy, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

10. Form According to the Physiological Conditions of Chickens

The feed given to chickens must be adapted to physiological conditions that depend on age and rearing phase. There are three forms of chicken feed that are commonly given, namely mash (flour), pellets, and crumble.

11. Able to Attract Chicken’s Attention from Color and Aroma

Chickens prefer yellowish feed and a distinctive aroma of fresh feed.

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