eFootball 2022 How to Raise Lionel Messi’s Rating to 99?

eFootball 2022 How to Raise Lionel Messi's Rating to 99?

eFootball 2022 How to Raise Lionel Messi’s Rating to 99?. In the 2022 eFootball game, one way to win is to increase player ratings, for example Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi himself has a game rating in PES 2021 which is 94, in PES 2021 mobile it is 93 and in PES 2022 or eFootball 2022 it is 92.

In the 2022 eFootball game, you can increase Lionel Messi’s rating even up to 100 depending on how you mix it.

Lionel Messi's Rating

eFootball 2022 How to Raise Lionel Messi’s Rating to 99?

Before concocting, it would be better if you already have EXP Training, so that later there will be additional strength in the player training program.

1. Enter the eFootball game as usual.

2. Go to player then select Lionel Messi

3. Several menus appear such as drop-down menu, player details, level training, player progress, contract extension and unlocking.

Just choose the level practice, here Lionel Messi’s rating in PES 2021 is known to be 94, for PES 2021 mobile it is 93 and in eFootball 2022 it is 92.

4. From this 92 rating, we will increase it to 99 or even 100.

5. Click Training Program
From the training program, 10,000 experiences appear, fill in the other programs with the number 4, check in the preview there whether Lionel Messi’s level is maximum or not.

If the number 7/7 appears, it means that it is right and has been maximized, we don’t need to add another program.

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6. Click the Lionel Messi player again to see progress points
The function of clicking progress points is so that you can increase the progress of the desired player, here it is seen that Lionel Messi has 12 progress points, quite decent.
After this exit to the front menu.

7. In the main menu of progress points there are 2 more menus, namely Player Statistics and Team Player Style Skills.
Here’s the key, you don’t make the mistake of raising it according to your playing style on the field or even if you choose computer advice, you’re guaranteed to lose because it’s misleading!

8. Get into Team Player Style Skills first
Here when viewed from Lionel Messi’s habits on the field, he is one of the players who prefers dribbling, possession of the ball.

Click Complete and then click continue to return to the initial menu.

9. Click Player Statistics
Here is the most important part to get Lionel Messi’s rating to 99 as we expected.

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According to Lionel Messi’s style of play, you have to increase your dribbling speed more.
Fill dribble speed: 4
Dexterity: 3
Lower body strength: 3

Don’t rush to confirm, look at the preview first if you feel it’s still lacking, add additional dexterity or lower body strength and reduce dribble speed.

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From a concoction like this, you will find Lionel Messi getting a rating of 97, continue on the next step.

10. Enter the game menu eFootball 2022 then enter player Luis R. Rohman and enter Lionel Messi by replacing player Sallah then automatically Lionel Messi’s rating now becomes 99 as we want.

That’s the way to raise Lionel Messi’s player rating to 99 in the 2022 eFootball game.

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