Explore the hills of Lombok Buwun Mas

Still around Nambung Beach or precisely in Lemer Hamlet, Buwun Mas-Sekotong Tengah Village, our next destination is Buwun Mas Hills.

From Nambung Beach, although it is still in one village, the distance is quite far, about 20 km.

Passing through quiet streets, up and down hills with very pretty views. There are still many areas that have not been managed to become tourist objects.

Until you arrive at a T-junction, go right to the hilly path while left along the beach (Sekotong). Initially we took the coastal route, passing the road with a very beautiful beach and sea view.

However, the beauty of Bukit Buwun Mas is not without its shortcomings. Because it is considered a new tourist destination, there are various facilities that have not been fulfilled.

For the shopping area itself, on the hill there are several residents who sell various snacks, mineral water, or young coconut ice. As for restaurants, it is still very rare, so visitors have to get out of the hill first.

What I like the most about this place are the green hills, the weeds that grow make this hill very beautiful. I have never found hills like those in Buwun Mas Hill before.

You could say Bukit Buwun Mas is a complete package. Trekking, beaches, green hills and cool photos can all be. To get into this place is also very cheap.

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