Photo By farlys
Photo By farlys

Fried chicken satay

Satay is believed to have originated in Java but has spread to almost anywhere in Indonesia, where it has become a national dish. It is also popular in many other Southeast Asian countries including the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. A key feature of Thai satay is the inclusion of pork as a meat option, and Thai-style peanut sauce. Meanwhile, Indonesian satay is often served with Kecap Manis and is often accompanied with Lontong. In Sri Lanka, it has become a staple of the local diet as a result of the influences from the local Malay community.

500 g chicken without skin

1 tsp grated garlic
1/2 tsp ground pepper powder
1 tsp salt
1 onion, cut into pieces
1 fruit green peppers, cut-cut roast skewers coating:
2 egg whites, whisk until froth
100 g white Panir flour
Cooking oil

How to make:
1. Stir in chicken meat with garlic, pepper, and salt.
2. Skewers chicken meat with skewers. In the middle part give a piece of Bombay onion or paprika.
3. Dip in the egg whites, until blended.
4. Repeat again. Let stand some time until dry.
5. Fry in hot oil and many up to golden yellow.
6. Lift, drain.
Up to 6 people


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