Gili Petelu Lombok travel

There are quite a lot of marine tourism objects on the island of Lombok.

So it is not surprising that many local and foreign tourists choose Lombok Island to be a tourist destination.

Where at low tide, between Gili Petelu and this small hill, a sandy road will appear that separates the two locations.

Actually Gili Petelu is one with a small hill beside it, it just looks separate if the sea water is high, because the sandy road can drown in the sea water.

Plus a beach with sand like pepper which is clean white and clear blue sea water whose waves are quite calm.

Gili Peletu is suitable for those of you who like snorkeling activities.

Coral reefs that present a beautiful view of the marine park with the fish residents who are also colorful so that it will amaze you with the underwater beauty of Gili Peletu.

For snorkeling activities and equipment rental, you can go to Lombok snorkeling package service providers who provide complete snorkeling equipment.

To go to Gili Petelu you first have to go to Pink Beach, the distance is Pink Beach from Selong, the capital of East Lombok Regency about 1 hour 30 minutes using a four-wheeled vehicle or you can rent

From Pink Beach, you can rent a fishing boat that will take tourists around Pink Beach, one of which goes to Gili Petelu.

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