A car air conditioner is an important part of a car that has a lot of components, such as compressors, condensers, dryer filters, expansion valves, and evaporators. All components mentioned are components included in the main component.

In addition to the main components, car air conditioners also have supporting components and electrical components. Supporting components in car air conditioners consist of compressor oil, magnetic clutch, fan belt, selenoid compressor (compressor without magnetic clutch), o ring seals, pipes and hoses, and filter cabin. As for the electrical components of the car’s AC consist of cooling fans, idle ups, resistors, thermostats, motor blowers, relays, fuses, amplifiers, and many others.

What Is the Function of a Car AC Filter Dryer?

What is a Car AC Filter Dryer?
It has been mentioned if the car air conditioner filter dryer is one of the components included in the main component of car air conditioners. This filter dryer is one component that plays an important role in car air conditioning systems and sometimes this one component is known as a receiver dryer.
What Is the Function of a Car AC Filter Dryer?
Filter driers have two main functions, the first is to filter out all the impurities that circulate with the freon. This filtering is very important because if left unchecked, dirt can interfere with the flow of the freon. While the function of the second filter dryer is to absorb water contained in the freon. Water must be absorbed perfectly because the freon will later pass through the expansion valve that has a low temperature. If the freon contains water when it passes through the expansion valve, the water has the potential to freeze and this can clog the ducts on the expansion valve.

Freon Filter Tool That Has Turned Into Liquid
Filter drier which is a freon filter tool that has been turned into liquid is located between the condenser and the expansion valve. This one component has several other components in it, these components are filter, desiccant, sight glass, and fusible plug. Keep in mind if the sight glass complements cars made in 2000 but in 2003 and above, these cars did not use the sight glass in the filter. Sight glass in the latest cars is separated from the pipe with a 3/8 size.
If the Filter Dryer is Troubled, What is the Impact on Car Air Conditioning?
Car air conditioners have so many components that it is not strange if various problems arise on these components. One component that can also be problematic is the dryer filter which can have an impact on car air conditioners.

Dryer filter can be clogged or there are other problems around the dryer filter area and this can happen because there is more freon flowing into the dryer filter area than oil so that supply freon becomes excessive and this can cause freezing in the expansion area so that from the process will produce fog or smoke.
Not only that, but the filter dryer silica can also be a cause of the filter becomes clogged. Silica can be separated from its place so that the freon channel will be closed and the freon flow becomes obstructed

Prevent Car AC Filter Troubled from Routine Service
If you look at the previous review, it is clear that dryer filters can be problematic and the filters have an impact on car air conditioners. Therefore, prevent dryer AC car filters with problems with routine service so that the condition of the dryer will be maintained.


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