The car has a series of components that have a function to cool the cabin space of a vehicle which is often known as car air conditioning. But not only as air conditioning, but car air conditioning also has a role in controlling temperature, air circulation, humidity, and can also clean the air.
A car air conditioner consists of several components that are separated into several groups, namely the main component, supporting components, and electrical components. Lots of components contained in each of these groups and one of them is the Magnetic Clutch which is included in the supporting components.
Magnetic Clutch which is often referred to as the compressor clutch has the function to disconnect and connect the compressor with its driving force (engine speed).

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Bad habits of car owners who can damage the AC Clutch Magnetic Car?
It is no longer a secret that the maintenance of car air conditioners is often ignored because car owners only focus on the car body to keep it clean and the car engine that has good performance. This, of course, is a wrong habit because car air conditioners also need your full attention to keep functioning properly so that the cabin of the car remains cool and the journey becomes more enjoyable.
However, these bad habits are rarely realized, so there are problems that can occur in car air conditioner components, including Magnetic Clutch. When rarely or even not doing the service, the Magnetic Clutch can wear out, rust or even the most fatal is the damaged Magnetic Clutch. If it’s like this then we can be sure the car air conditioner will not function properly.
What Are the Problems That Can Occur in Magnetic AC Car Clutches Because of These Bad Habits?
Problems that can occur in Magnetic Clutch car air conditioners because of bad habits are very diverse, one of which is the car air conditioner which suddenly becomes not cold. This problem is common if the Magnetic Clutch is damaged which makes the compressor not rotating so that the freon will not be pumped throughout the car’s AC system.
In addition, other problems that can arise are car air conditioners sometimes hot and sometimes cold. If the complaint occurs then it could be because Magnetic Clutch has a weak condition.
Not only that, there are still other effects that can occur namely the noise of the car air conditioner when it is on. This problem can have a variety of causes, but one of them is due to a rusty Magnetic Clutch.
There are also complaints in the form of car air conditioning still feels cold but accompanied by a rough sound. This problem can occur because Magnetic Friction occurs between the surface of the pulley magnet with the Center Piece plate which one of the surfaces of the component is not flat.
Immediate Routine Service for Magnetic Clutch AC Car Troubled
It can be noted if Magnetic Clutch can have various impacts on bad habits practiced by car owners. To avoid this impact, immediately routine Magnetic Clutch AC car service is problematic so as not to damage the other car AC components.
By getting used to doing routine service, the damage to Magnetic Clutch or other components can be immediately identified so that the damage does not get worse and the repair costs incurred do not increase.


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