Nowadays digital Diera video is something that we can not leave in everyday life. With the video we can get the science and knowledge of others in various social media. We can make documentation and even YouTube though. However, there are constraints when we upload a video or send that is too large and consumes quota. Very annoying is not it?.. For waiting too long.

Well in this tutorial I share the ways that I use the Video Panda compress application. By using a video compress application that allows you to reduce the size of the video so that you quickly upload or send on various social media such as YouTube and other without compromising the desired quality.


  • First of all you have to buy in the Playstore. Find the Panda video compres, then click Install.
  • Since I’ve used it, it will look like this:

  • Select the video you are compressing, then click the Next button.

  • You can then select which file you want, then click Compress.

Stay fine

  • Then it will look like this “Panda is squeezing.. “

For this process takes a long time, depending on the size of the file you are compressing.

  • When it is finished, it looks like this:

You can compress the click again, you can upload it directly to social media. And don’t forget to click the Save button to save the compressed video.

  • To see the results, click the Compare button. It will look like this. You can see the quality with the original video.

Excess Panda Videos:

  1. Reduce the video size.
  2. The video quality remains the same as the original.
  3. Save data.
  4. Can be uploaded directly to social media.
  5. Can support all videos.


  1. If large size will take a long time.

That’s some way of compressing videos with apps I already use. Hopefully useful and do not forget to share yes..


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