If you want to convert the PDF format file to JPG, follow this tutorial we presented. This is a fairly straightforward process and you have a lot of options, from online converters to software solutions using software.

PDF files are still a very common format for work documents, manuals, and anything that involves a mixture of text, graphics, and imagery. PDF allows for a fairly complex presentation, but can be opened in your computer’s Web browser if you do not have a dedicated PDF software.

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Therefore, occasionally you want to export the PDF as a more basic image file such as JPG. This flatten the information into a simpler form that cannot be edited easily, which also means it is easier to open and the file size is significantly smaller.

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Here’s how to convert PDF to JPG file format.

Convert PDF to JPG using online way

We recommend using SmallPDF, There is free and very easy. You simply drag files from Windows Explorer into the Web view or click the ‘ Choose File ‘ option and select the file from the window that appears.

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You also have the option to import files directly from Google Drive and Dropbox likes, if you don’t have the option to download PDFS before converting.

When you convert more files in SmallPDF, you will be asked if you want to create a JPG from each individual page, or extract all the images from that file and save them separately. Choose your preference and your photo will be ready in no time.

Don’t worry about privacy too your files will be deleted once you download them.

Convert PDF to JPG using software

If you’d rather keep conversions on your computer rather than uploading to online, it’s not a problem. Many applications can be downloaded to convert from PDF to JPG using Windows 10 and MacOS devices, to convert PDF to JPG.

For example, Adobe Acrobat has an export feature that can be used to convert image files. Just select ‘ Export PDF ‘ to the right after opening your file, then select Image, followed by JPG. When you press the ‘ Export ‘ button, the PDF will automatically change to JPG.

Convert PDF to JPG: MacOS’ built-in conversion feature

If you’re an Apple MacBook user or other MacOS device, do you know that you can convert PDF to JPG without downloading any additional software?

Just open the file in preview, then click File, then Export. In the ‘ Format ‘ drop-down box, select JPEG. You can manually adjust the quality of the final product, then just hit save and your file will be created.



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