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How to get Angela 2022 skin collector?

How to get Angela 2022 skin collector

How to get Angela 2022 skin collector. The latest leaked information related to the Mobile Legends x Sanrio event which is rumored to be released in the next few weeks shows information that players can get Collector skins at low prices.

One of the Collector skins that can certainly be obtained is Angela – Floral Elf which is very popular with its users.

Angela 2022 skin collector


Price Skin Collector Angela Floral Elf

Please note that in order to get the Collector skin, players must do an event draw which generally costs more than $120 or more with more than 6000 diamonds in doing the gacha skin.

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During the event, players can get the Hello Kitty collaboration skin by holding a binggo event similar to the collaboration event between Mobile Legends x KOF.

How to get Angela 2022 skin collector

Every time you draw, players will get a Hello Kitty bingo sticker, which when filled will give you 1 of 4 Mobile Legends x Sanrio skins.

In addition to skin Angela – Floral Elf, players can also get skin collector Wanwan – Pixel Blast, Ling – Serene Plume, and Gusion – Night Owl.

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The price for the first draw event is also quite cheap because it gets a 50% discount, which is 1125 Diamonds

So if you want to get the Angela Floral Elf skin, you can use the event to buy it.

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