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How to Get Free Mobile Legends Skin 2022?

How to Get Free Mobile Legends Skin 2022

How to Get Free Mobile Legends Skin 2022. Mobile Legends is one of the Moba genre esports games with many active players and continues to increase every day.

To get a skin, players must at least top-up diamonds first and then buy them. However, many players may object to spending money to buy diamonds.

Mobile Legends Skin 2022

Here are various ways to get free Mobile Legends skins that you can do. Starting from using a trial skin and winning the Global Offline competition.

How to Get Free Mobile Legends Skin 2022

1. Using Trial Skins

The first way to get a free skin in Mobile Legends 2022 is to use a trial skin. This feature is given to players so that they can experience using free Mobile Legends skins.

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This feature is very useful for those of you who want to try out various skins for your favorite heroes, even though they have a time limit

2. Opening Chests

The next way is to open a Chest either Medal or Free Chest. Free Chests can be opened every 4 hours without having to do a match.

While the Medal Chest is opened every 24 hours at a cost of 10 points which can be obtained by competing. The number of fragments that can be obtained depends on the color of the chest and the ranked player.

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3. Join the Mobile Legends Tournament

Another way is to join the Mobile Legends tournament. There are lots of free to paid tournaments that you can participate in.

The prizes can be cash and trophies, diamonds and free skins. To find the latest Mobile Legends tournament information, you can visit a site that regularly updates tourney info.

4. Login Every Day

You can also get free skins by logging in every day and playing games. Later, you will get free skins or heroes from the Moonton login event.

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Usually on the 7th day of login, you can bring home heroes or skins for free. So, play the game every day to get random free skins.

5. Finding Luck Through Lucky Spin

In the game, there is a Lucky Spin which can be played every two weeks. This feature rewards lots of interesting items, one of which is free skins. You can try your luck by playing the lucky spin.

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Well, that’s a variety of tips and ways to get a free Mobile Legends skin 2021 easily. All of the above methods have been confirmed to be legal, so they are safe. Never use illegal methods such as skin hacks because your account might be permanently banned.


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