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8 How to Get Iconic Messi in PES 2021 for Free

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In the PES Mobile 2021
game, there are several types of player cards, one of which is Iconic Moment.

So, recently KONAMI has released a fairly large update where in the update there are changes to the hairstyle, Club logo and commentators.

In addition, KONAMI also provides an option to recruit Iconic Moment agents from Lionel Messi.

Actually to get Iconic Lionel Messi does not necessarily rely on luck, but there are special ways that can be applied. Curious as to what the method is? Check out the full review below.

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Iconic Lionel Messi is arguably a young Messi figure where his performance at that time was very good. At that time Lionel Messi managed to bring Barcelona to win various prestigious trophies.

In the PES Mobile 2021 game, the iconic figure of Lionel Messi still has long hair with a legendary jersey. As a Barcelona fan, of course you really want to get Iconic Lionel Messi in PES Mobile 2021?


How to Get Iconic Messi in PES 2021

1. Open the Agent Menu

First run PES Mobile 2021 then open the Contract tab and select the Agent menu.

2. Choose a Special Agent

After that select recruit Special Agent (Limited edition agent)

3. Open Iconic Moment : L MESSI

Then tap the magnifying glass icon on Iconic Moment : L MESSI

4. Unlock Lionel Messi Iconic Card 2x

Then tap the Iconic Lionel Messi card 2 times

5. Scroll down the list of players

After that scroll the list of players to the bottom then back again scroll up.

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6. Unlock Player Card B. CHILWELL 4x

Now open the B.CHILWELL player card 4x.

7. Open the Iconic L MESSI Statistics Data

If so, open the Iconic Lionel Messi player card again and go to the player’s statistics.

8. Recruit Players

Finally, click on Recruit and buy using MyClub Coins. Then you will get Iconic Lionel Messi. Finished.

After knowing the method above and it has proven to be successful, surely you hope that this method can be applied to get other dream players.

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But unfortunately every trick to recruit players in PES Mobile 2021 has a different way. So, when there is another way to get Iconic Moment, Legends, POTW players and so on, we will share it through the next article and hopefully there will be a free way to get a dream agent in PES Mobile 2021.

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