8 How to Get Iconic Messi in PES 2021

TentangKitaNovember 25, 2023

How to Get Iconic Messi in PES 2021?

Before proceeding to the core of the discussion, we will first explain a little about the Iconic player Lionel Messi. So, why are many interested in knowing how to get this player, of course because of the statistics it has.

In the PES Mobile 2021 game, the iconic figure Lionel Messi still has long hair with a legendary jersey. As Barcelona fans, of course you really want to How to Get Iconic Messi in PES 2021?

Here are some How to Get Iconic Messi in PES 2021:

1. Go to Agent Menu

First run PES Mobile 2021 then open the Contracts tab and select the Agent menu.

2. Choose a Special Agent

After that select recruit Special Agent (limited edition Agent)

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3. Open Iconic Moment : L MESSI

Then tap the magnifying glass icon on Iconic Moment : L MESSI

4. Unlock Iconic Card Lionel Messi 2x

Then tap the Iconic Lionel Messi card 2x.

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5. Scroll the Player List to the Bottom

After that scroll the list of players to the bottom then scroll back up again.

6. Unlock Player Card B. CHILWELL 4x

Now open the B.CHILWELL player card 4x.

7. Open Iconic L MESSI Statistical Data

If so, open the Iconic Lionel Messi player card again and go to the player’s statistical data.

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8. Recruit Players

Finally, click Recruit and buy using MyClub Coins. Then you will get Iconic player Lionel Messi. Finished.

Apart from the methods above, there may still be a number of other ways to get targeted players from other CARD TYPES where we will explain all of that at another opportunity.

Those are some How to Get Iconic Messi in PES 2021.

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