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6 How to Get Iconic Moment Players on PES Mobile

How to Get Iconic Moment Players on PES Mobile

How to Get Iconic Moment Players on PES Mobile. PES game players must be familiar with Iconic Moment. Iconic Moment is a special category for great players when they have unique moments. This Iconic Moment is based on a specific date when the player had a unique moment that amazed the world of football.

An example is Iconic Moment by Lionel Messi on April 18, 2007 where he created a solo goal run similar to that of Diego Maradona.

Because of that moment, to the point that the goal became one of the best goals ever created at Camp Nou. Therefore, PES gives an award in the form of an Iconic Moment player for Messi with a maximum rating (plus club boost) of up to 103!

In addition, there are many other players who have received the Iconic Moment version, such as Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Batistuta, Johan Cruijff, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Marco van Basten, and others.

Of the tens of thousands of football players in PES, there are only 98 Iconic Moment cards. It’s no wonder that this Iconic Moment is highly sought after by all PES players. This also corresponds to the difficulty of obtaining Iconic Moment. You have to do a box draw using coins and challenge your luck to get an Iconic Moment which only amounts to 2 cards out of hundreds of ordinary cards.

Iconic Moment Players

How to Get Iconic Moment Players on PES Mobile

1. Participate in Online Multiplayer Events

The first method that is often used by PES players who are already Pro is that they always play and participate in multiplayer events that are held every week.

This method is indeed one of the most powerful ways to get a lot of coins in PES in order to get Iconic Moment, because if you get enough points, you can get 50 to 100 coins instantly. It’s only from one event, if you participate in many events then you can get even more coins!

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Besides coins, there are many other benefits that you can get from participating in online events, such as getting free Black Ball or Legend players, getting Trainers with high stars, easy to get myClub Coins, lots of contract renewal tickets, and so on.

2. Complete Achievements

This method is the most classic way that PES players do to get coins to open the Iconic Moment box. There are lots of challenges that you have to complete in order to get coins. These challenges and achievements are in the form of total logins, total matches, number of players from certain regions, number of wins, number of goals, and much more.

3. Save on Using myClub Coins

The most common way for PES players to get Iconic Moment players is that they always save and save every coin they get. We know that coins are very expensive and hard to get. In fact, for every achievement that we successfully complete, we only get 10 myClub Coins, whereas to do a draw box just once requires 100 to 250 coins.

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Therefore, if you want to get Iconic Moment, it is recommended to save and use coins wisely so that one day if there is a box draw containing Iconic Moment, then you can use your coin savings to draw.

4. Draw by doing some special tricks

One of them is to open or press the player you want to get several times, then draw. I often encounter tricks like this from PES fan accounts on Instagram. You can follow these accounts and wait for them to post the trick. Although this trick can’t guarantee you get 100% Iconic Moment, but it’s worth trying.

5. Log in every day using coin rewards

You can choose to get a login reward in the form of GP or coins. Choose a coin and always log in every day so you get a minimum of 10 coins every day. On the first to fifth day, you will get 10 coins for every login, then on the sixth day you will get 20 and the seventh day you will get 30 coins. We can calculate that every 7 days we will get 100 coins, so every week we can do 1x box draw.

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6. Buying coins at the time of sale

The last way you can do is to buy coins at certain times. The times in question are when KONAMI is giving a sale.

Maybe that’s all the tips and tricks that I can give to get Iconic Moments like Messi, Maradona, Ronaldo, and so on easily and quickly, hopefully it’s useful.

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