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8 How to Get Legend Players in PES Mobile 2021?

How to Get Legend Players in PES Mobile 2021

How to Get Legend Players in PES Mobile 2021?. There are so many features that can be felt by players, so they feel like they are playing ball on a real green field.

In addition, there is a way to get legend players in PES Mobile that you can use to help win a game.

To get a move player, you must get a black ball during the draw.

The black ball is a symbol that can indicate that someone has obtained a legendary player.

But to get this symbol is very difficult especially after the adjustments that occur.

Legend Players in PES Mobile 2021

Of course, to get a black ball, you are required to top up as much as possible in order to get the dream player.

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However, there is a very easy way to get legendary players in PES Mobile.

How to Get Legend Players in PES Mobile 2021

Here’s a trick or method that can be followed so that this legendary player can become one of the players on your mainstay team:

  1. Of course, all you have to do is enter the PES Mobile game first.
  2. Log into the account you want to use to get rare players.
  3. Then enter the Agent menu to start the player search.
  4. Choose freely which players you want to get. Make sure the players are black ball players or legends.
  5. If you have sufficient GP points (usually using 25,000 GP), you can directly claim the player to be included in the match. Alternatively, you can also use 250 coins to take advantage of the roll feature that has been provided by KONAMI.
  6. Then press Roll.
  7. When starting the draw, a new screen appears where there is a sign ►►| in the upper right corner.
  8. Hit the mark as soon as possible. Of course, with a greater chance of 60%, it will increase the chances of getting the legendary player.

To get the players is not 100% successful, but the chances of getting it are getting higher.

Or you can also use the following tricks to increase your chances of getting black balls:

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Don’t do the draw right away, but wait for about 8 to 16 seconds. Then click Roll.

The goal is to wait for the black ball to pass between the gold balls. Because when you are on the gold ball, the left is the black ball.

Therefore, the calculation of time also affects to get legend players.

Silver Ball

You can also try the roll trick while crossing the silver ball.

Most people gain player steps when crossing this ball.

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Because it has a fairly stable momentum to get a black ball.

That’s how to get legend players in PES Mobile easily.

Some of the methods above will certainly not work 100%.

Because in the roll system, what we rely on the most is luck.
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