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How to Get Ronaldo in PES Mobile 2021

How to get C. Ronaldo in PES Mobile 2021

How to Get Ronaldo in PES Mobile 2021. Pro Evolution Dance (PES) is a soccer game that is very popular all over the world.

Recently, fans can not only play this game from PC, but also mobile.

For PES players, players like Cristiano Ronaldo are the most wanted players.

Then how to get C.Ronaldo in PES Mobile so that your team is invincible?

C. Ronaldo in PES Mobile 2021

How to Get Ronaldo in PES Mobile 2021

When you are going to play and compete with other players, of course, you must have a team that consists of a strong squad.

Famous players like Cristiano Ronaldo are players who are definitely being targeted.

In the PES game, there are categories of players where each category consists of different players.

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For example, the Black Ball category is a category with well-known types of players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, one of them and many others.

This category of black ball players has always been the first choice in team formation.

Before hunting for the best squad for your team, make sure you have coins or star coins.

These star coins will later be used to get players in the black ball category.

After having coins and star coins, you can follow how to get C.Ronaldo in PES Mobile below.

Recruit from Talent Scouts

If you want to get Cristiano Ronaldo who is a black ball player, the scout you get must be at least a 5-star scout.

The contents of the players in the 5-star scout are actually also a mixture of the bronze to black ball categories.

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To get it you have to keep doing the rolling process.

But here you can combine 5-star scouts and others to eliminate players.

That way, your chances of getting black ball players are even greater.

The methods above are just a few of the ways you can get players like C.Ronaldo on your team.

The method above still relies on luck to be able to get the player you want.

Back again, you have to keep rolling to get the player.

This rolling process will determine which player you get.

Therefore, in addition to applying the methods mentioned above, you can also apply special tricks when rolling.

These tricks will help increase your percentage of getting black ball players like C.Ronaldo.

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Some of the rolling tricks that are applied can be different for each person.

Some argue that rolling just once so as not to waste your coins and points.

Even if you want to roll again, you can restart the game and then start rolling again.

Combining how to get C.Ronaldo on PES mobile with these tricks will increase your percentage of getting the player you want.

Recruit through Box Draw Agent

This box draw agent itself is a limited edition of player recruitment.

Usually, in it will be provided several blackball category players based on the time edition.

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If you want to use this method to get Cristiano Ronaldo, apart from providing 250 coins or 25,000 GP pins for a chance to roll players, you should pay attention to the edition that is launched.

Make sure you roll in the edition where Cristiano Ronaldo is currently playing. That way you can have a chance to get it.

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