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How To Get Youtube Premium For Free Forever 2021

Youtube Premium

Have you ever wondered why when watching YouTube the maximum resolution when you want to save videos is only 720p?

Youtube is a deliberate factor because if you want a higher resolution, for example 1080p Full HD, 2K, 4K or 8K (depending on the specifications of the phone), it means you have to upgrade and use a YouTube Premium subscription service.

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Meanwhile, at the time this article was written, the YouTube Premium subscription price was considered unreasonable and not worth it (Not Worth It) of around $4.5 per month. Of course, I said it’s not good to buy because the features you get are not that significant of a difference from ordinary Youtube

Youtube Premium Free

How to Get YouTube Premium

Without worrying about being attacked by useless ads, you can also save watching videos so you don’t increase the number of views on channels that are less liked by viewers.

This means that people still want and are interested in getting YouTube Premium for free forever without complicated ways, simple tips also don’t need to disassemble the Smartphone both in terms of software (Software) such as Root or Hardware.

We know the Trial version of YouTube Premium is Free or Free. And the duration of the Trial only runs for 1 month (30 days instead of 31), and after that you will be charged $4.5, unless you cancel the subscription then the funds, credit, or money will not be taken.

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To outsmart the trick we have to cancel the YouTube Premium subscription maximum on the 29th or 28th day, (D-2 is recommended). Then you wait until the trial period runs out, and H + 1 aka the day after where you are supposed to be required to pay, please switch accounts to enjoy the Trial again for free.

The first step, How to Get YouTube Premium For Free Forever is to create multiple Google accounts. You simply open the Gmail site, select register (Create New Account), fill in the data as required by the form during registration.

Next, connect to YouTube or Android users, please login via Smartphone settings. The trick is to go to Settings, select Account, scroll down, tap on the “+Add Accounts” button, and log in using the account that was created earlier.

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Next, open a YouTube account, do a Switch Account or Switch Account to the one you just created and subscribe to YT Premium for a free 30-day trial (Try It Free), make sure it costs $0.0. Remember, you must use an account that has never been used for a YouTube Premium trial, because if you use one that has already been used, it will fail.


The drawback of this tutorial may be that you have to have multiple cellphone numbers to verify a registered Gmail account.

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