How To Overcome Cannot Print On Ms. Word and Excel 100% Work

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What happens if you can’t Print a document in Word? moreover, if there are a lot of piles of task files that we want to complete, this is of course in addition to making us a little annoyed, it also hinders our other activities. Well, according to the title you see above, in this thread we will try to discuss it thoroughly and provide a solution for how to overcome not being able to print in Word and in Excel.

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Related to this, usually we will find a warning or error notification like the image below “We couldn’t Print because it doesn’t seem to be a printer installed “.

The notification states that the file cannot be printed because there is no printer installed.

Actually, it is not your printer that is the problem, but there is a little error in your Ms.word or Excel, for the steps you can follow the method below:

Enter the start menu and look for MS.WORD Shortcut

Right Click Then at the bottom Click Properties

Click again on the Advance section, then a new window will appear again, check the dialog box.

Run as administrator, after that it’s OK.

Click on the Compatibility section, at the bottom give the check mark run as administrator again, then Apply and OK for Excel.

The method is the same as steep above, now try to open the file, bro, normally the AUC notification will appear, just click OK. then do Print, select the printer you are using, and congratulations you can print again.

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