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5 How to Overcome Errors at PES 2021 Mobile

How to Overcome Errors at PES 2021 Mobile

How to Overcome Errors at PES 2021 Mobile. Behind the success of a game, certainly not free from mistakes. Like PES, this game also sometimes has errors so that the developers always update to fix bugs or mistakes. One of the most common errors that PES players encounter is a message box that says “Please make sure your network settings are configured correctly”.

Tips & How to Overcome Error FDDN540 or FDDN533 “Please make sure your network settings are configured correctly” PES 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, & 2021

This error is also usually marked with an error code such as FDDN540 or FDDN533. Apparently, there are several ways you can do to solve this error.

How to Overcome Error FDDN540

How to Overcome Errors at PES 2021 Mobile

1. Don’t download / speed drain

What you need to pay attention to is don’t play PES while downloading or doing other activities that can drain your internet speed.

This is because these activities can drain your internet bandwidth which will lead to a slow internet connection so this problem will appear again. However, if your internet has a very high speed, then it doesn’t matter if you are doing other activities.

2. Using a VPN

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VPNs are proven to be effective in overcoming various internet connection problems in online games, such as PUBG, Free Fire, Mobile Legends, Minecraft, to PES Mobile. Saladinez recommends that you use a nearby VPN like Singapore, then try opening the game again.

3. Ensure fast internet connection

This is because the error message is closely related to internet connection problems. Moreover, PES is an online game, so you have to use a fast and stable internet connection in order to play it smoothly.

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You can use Wi-Fi or a minimum internet connection of 4G so you don’t get this problem again. Then, you can do a ping test or internet speed test to make sure that your internet is stable

4. CMD netsh winsock reset

If using a VPN still doesn’t solve the problem, you can use the next trick using CMD. First of all, please remove the game first. If you use Steam, then turn it off or exit Steam. Then, please press Windows + R, then write CMD. When the CMD box appears, write the following text:

netsh winsock reset

When done, press enter, then restart your laptop or computer.

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5. Wait a while

The last thing you can do is be patient and wait a while, then open it again. This error can appear due to Konami’s servers being under maintenance or having problems, so you always get internet errors even though your internet is running smoothly.

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