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How to Print Envelopes in Microsoft Word to Fit

If you are good at working in an office, one day you will definitely have to print on the envelope. Whether it’s just adding recipients or adding office headers.

In this way, you can easily print the text so that the position of the text fits the size of the envelope that you are using. Here are the steps

  1. Open microsoft word
  2. Set Paper Size According to Envelope Size
    Click the Layout > Size menu then select the appropriate envelope size. If the envelope size you are using is not available, continue by clicking More Paper Sizes.
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  4. Set Manual Envelope Size
    You can set the envelope size manually. You can see the size on the envelope box. In Paper Size select Custom Size then enter the width and height of the envelope
  5. Set Envelope Paper Orientation
    On the Margins tab, please select Landscape for the paper orientation. You can also directly adjust the envelope margins. I myself often use a margin of 1.2cm for each side. This is to increase the space we can use. Click OK
  6. Type the text you want to print on the envelope
    Tips: To make the recipient text, my friend can use a Text Box to make it easier to adjust the position of the text. Select Insert > Text Box > Simple Text Box on the Format menu > Shape Outline > No Outline
  7. Envelope Print
    Next, you just need to print the envelope. Position the envelope flap on the left, so that the writing is not reversed. Also set the paper guides on the printer to match the width of the envelope.

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It’s easy, isn’t it, this way, of course, you will have no more difficulties when you want to print envelopes in Microsoft Word, and what is certain is that the printouts will definitely fit. Good luck.

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