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How to Reset Epson L1300 Guaranteed Work

Not much different from several other types of L series printers, one type of printer that is tough enough in terms of the printing process is the Epson L1300 Printer Type. Besides the price which is quite affordable in terms of quality, we can also say that it is quite satisfying.

Well, what is a common problem when we use the L series printer type, the risk of Blinking Error Printer always comes near, and most often it is Blinking Type Ink Pad Is At The End Of Its Service Lives or Ink Waste Is Full

The text or warning will usually appear on the status monitor on your computer. Maybe you will be a little confused when you encounter this type of error.

Before we enter the core stage I will try to explain or clarify what this Error Blinking means.

then how? of course there are certain stages, namely by using the application or tool that we usually know as a Resetter.

How are the stages? Of course, you must have the resetter tool, you need to download it here Resetter Epson L1300

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If we have continued, Extract the file earlier then double click on the adjprog.axe section.

then on the bottom right select a particular adjustment mode

back again, you will be taken to a new menu, scroll down, select in the Maintenance section, more precisely the waste ink pad counter.

Select the Waste Ink Pad Counter Section, put a check mark on the main pad counter section then click Check here you will see the number 100% in the Counter box meaning that it is completely full.

Just click Initialize then finish, and finally restart your printer. Put a check mark on the Main Pad Counter

congratulations you have succeeded in resetting your printer is very easy right ?, please try good luck. 🙂

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