How to Resetter Epson L555 Service Required

In using the printer, one of the most common problems or trouble errors in the L series type.

So before we go to the core stage, I explain first, basically an error like this indicates that the ink counter on your printer is full and to operate your printer again you have to empty your Printer Ink Counter to 0%. The method is very easy, the stages are

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First of all, please download the Resetter Tool here

For the password, type, if you have, please extract the file that you downloaded earlier.

Double Click Adjprog.exe it will open a new window.

Click the select menu then enter certain adjustments. At the bottom, select to reset the Epson L555 printer.

Please just select the Epson L350 or L550 printer type, choose the L350 or 1550 type, which is important here is in the Port section.

Adjust it to the L 555 Usb Port you are using, don’t use auto selection.

then click OK, just click on the Particular adjustment section, then in the Maintenance section, click Waste Ink Pad Counter

then click Ok again to reset into the waste ink pad counter

Next Put a check mark on the Main pad Counter then Check and Initialization to return your Counter to 0%.

then Finish to reset, give a clear mark on the main pad counter. The final stage, please restart your printer and congratulations on successfully doing the resetter stage on your Epson printer, for that good luck, hopefully this simple tutorial can provide benefits.

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