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How to View Computer Series and Specifications

After using a laptop for a long time, you may forget what series of computers or laptops you are using and what the specifications are.

What’s the processor? What’s the graphics card series? And many more things you want to know. Don’t worry, because this time we will discuss how to see the series and specifications of the computer that you are using.

Method 1: Via the File Explorer Property Menu
Open File Explorer, then right click This Pc > Properties (I’m using Windows 10)

This method is the easiest way to see the specifications of a laptop or computer, but unfortunately the information displayed is still limited to processor and operating system info. You can use method 2 to see more complete information.

Method 2: Access System Information Features Fitur
Open the Start Menu > type system information, then open System Information

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This feature will display the series and specifications of the computer or laptop that you are using. You can see the System Model to see the laptop series that you are using. You can also use the following 3 ways

Method 3: Using the DxDiag Feature
Open the Start Menu > type dxdiag. Open dxdiag.

This feature will also display computer specification information. Buddy can access the information by clicking on the tabs at the top. Information is displayed separately.

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Method 4: CPU-z . application
Still not satisfied with the method above? In this way, not only computer specification information will appear, but your computer’s CPU performance will also be displayed.

Download CPU-Z Software, then install. Then you just open the software (if you download the zip version, you can use it directly without installing it). Here’s what CPU-Z looks like.

You can see the laptop or computer series info on the Mainboard tab.

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