Main Causes of Dead Broiler Chickens

9 Main Causes of Dead Broiler Chickens

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Main Causes of Dead Broiler Chickens.

Broiler chickens are one of the most popular types of poultry in the livestock industry. However, there are several factors that can cause death in broiler chickens.

Understanding these causes is very important for farmers. In this article, we will discuss some of the main factors that can Main Causes of Dead Broiler Chickens.

1. Diseases and Infections:

Some common diseases that can cause death in broiler chickens include Newcastle Disease, Infectious Bursal Disease, Avian Influenza, and Colibacillosis.

The spread of the disease can occur through direct contact between infected chickens or through vectors such as insects or humans.

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Poor sanitary conditions and environmental unhygienicity can also be factors that cause serious infections.

2. Farm Management Mistakes:

Lack of supervision, improper feeding management, failure to provide necessary vaccinations, and inability to detect and treat disease quickly can result in high mortality rates in chickens.

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It is important for farmers to have adequate knowledge of good farm management practices in order to minimize the risk of mortality.

3. Environmental Stress:

Factors such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, poor ventilation, excessive crowding and uncontrolled light can cause chickens to experience thermal stress or psychological stress.

This stress can weaken the immune system and increase the risk of disease and death in broiler chickens.

4. Poor Feed Quality:

Deficiencies in essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals can weaken a chicken’s immune system and make it susceptible to disease.

In addition, feed that is contaminated with chemicals or poisons can also cause poisoning in chickens and lead to death.

Knowing the causes of death in broiler chickens is an important step in improving livestock health and productivity.

Breeders need to pay attention to feed quality, prevent and treat disease and infection, create an environment that suits the needs of chickens, and carry out good farm management.

5. Unstable Health Conditions

The health condition of the chickens can be seen from various parts, such as the eyes, comb, feathers, eggs produced, and chicken droppings. In addition, the behavior of chickens can also show their health condition.

6. Feed Poisoning

Chickens can die suddenly from food poisoning. Therefore, pay attention to the feed that you will give to the chickens. Feed that is no longer fit to eat can be seen from several signs, such as color and texture that are starting to change.

7. Mass Disease Attacks

One of the most likely causes of sudden death of chickens is disease. There are many types of diseases that can attack chickens, such as bird flu, cholera, diarrhea, eye disease, intestinal worms, and so on.

8. Bird Flu Disease (Avian Influenza)

Bird flu can be deadly, and some types of it can even spread to humans. Clinical symptoms in chickens of this disease are snoring when breathing, discharge from the eyes and nose, stomach skin and wattles that do not have feathers turning a blue-purple color, diarrhea, the death of chickens simultaneously with a fairly high number.

9. Colibacillosis Disease

Next is the Escherichia colli bacteria which is the mastermind of colibasillosis which attacks the digestive system in chickens.

The characteristics of chickens that have been infected with colibasillosis are looking dull, shortness of breath, sticky hair around the anus, diarrhea, and lethargy.

Those are some Main Causes of Dead Broiler Chickens.

With the right efforts, we can reduce broiler mortality and maintain the success of the poultry farming industry.

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