Market Summary 2022: JCI Appears To Rise, Crypto Is Even Lower

Market Summary 2022: JCI Appears To Rise, Crypto Is Even Lower

Market Summary 2022: JCI Appears To Rise, Crypto Is Even Lower. Good afternoon, The performance of the Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) makes investors happy, while the crypto market makes investors frown. What’s happening today? Read more in the following Market Summary!

The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) has again scored a shiny performance this afternoon. He closed trading Tuesday (26/7) at the level of 6,871.53 points, up 0.19% compared to yesterday.

The pace of the domestic index has been strong since the beginning because it has never touched the red zone since the beginning of trading.

Market Summary 2022: JCI Appears To Rise, Crypto Is Even Lower

The domestic market situation today is actually quite boring. The reason is, there is no strong macroeconomic sentiment that drives the pace of the domestic index today. Moreover, market participants are also adopting a wait-and-see attitude awaiting the announcement of the US central bank’s interest rate policy, The Fed.

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Now, this rebalancing forces investment management companies that issue index-based investment products to buy up the three stocks of the new LQ45 entrants. The massive buying action in the end helped support the JCI today.

Crypto Asset

Similarly, cloudy weather is also hanging over the crypto asset market this afternoon. Launching Coinmarketcap at 3:18 p.m., the 10 largest crypto assets with the world’s largest market cap are still in the red in the last 24 hours.

Just like this morning, analysts are still linking the weakening of the crypto market today with the wait and see action taken by market participants in anticipation of the Fed’s benchmark interest rate policy on Thursday (28/7).

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Moreover, the sentiment in the crypto market is actually getting more and more tense. This is reflected in BTC’s Fear and Greed index score, which fell drastically from 31 yesterday to 26 today.

Just so you know, the lower the Fear and Greed index score, the more worrying the crypto market sentiment in general.

For your information, crypto market players always catch signals from all movements of big tech stocks categorized as growth stocks. Because, these stocks are considered to have a risk profile similar to the prices of crypto assets.

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In fact, analysts find that the movement of the Nasdaq index and crypto assets has a strong correlation.


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