Mount Rinjani You Must Visit

The story that spreads about the beauty of Mount Rinjani makes every climber definitely challenged to explore this mountain which is located in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

This mountain, which has an altitude of 3,726 meters above sea level, has 3 climbing routes, including

a) The hiking trail via Sembalun Village

b) Hiking route via Senaru Village and

c) The hiking trail via Torean Village

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This path offers a panoramic view that is no less stunning than the previous two trails. Views of corn fields, cocoa gardens, livestock grazing areas, dense forests, cliffs, valleys, rivers, waterfalls and natural hot springs.

Segara Anak Lake

Another place that is no less extraordinary is Segara Anak Lake.

The lake which is located at an altitude of ± 2,010 masl has a depth of about ± 230 meters and has a shape like a crescent moon with an area of ​​about 1,100 hectares. Activities such as relaxing by opening tents, soaking in sulfur pools and fishing in the lake are activities before continuing the usual journey before heading to the top.

Sendang Gile Waterfall

This waterfall is located in Senaru village, North Lombok Regency, NTB or about 2 km from Bayan Village. This waterfall originates from the spring the hiking trail through Senaru village.

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The peak of Mount Rinjani

Generally, people who visit Mount Rinjani aim to step on the highest ground, peak seekers, connoisseurs of heights! Climbers must experience exciting and challenging adventures to enjoy the panorama that can only be seen from this height.

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