Newly Released, eFootball 2022 Even Gets the Worst Review

eFootball 2022 Even Gets the Worst Review

Newly Released, eFootball 2022 Even Gets the Worst Review. October is the month that gamers who like to play games that carry the sport of soccer have been waiting for.

After FIFA 22 which was released at the end of last September, now the eFootball 2022 game made by Konami has been officially released on October 1, 2021 yesterday on PC and consoles.

Based on the eFootball 2022 game review page on Steam, this game received a lot of negative reviews which made the score drop drastically to 8 percent.

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The score is even lower than the previous worst game rating on Steam, namely Flatout 3, which only had a score of 15 percent.

This negative assessment is motivated by players’ disappointment with the gameplay that Konami offers at eFootball 2022.

The players are also concerned about the quality of the graphics displayed in the game.

According to them, the visualization of the characters in eFootball 2022 looks much different from the original characters.

When compared to the original appearance, the two professional player characters look completely unrealistic.

A number of players on PC have also reported that eFootball 2022 can only be played at a maximum resolution of 720p.

According to Konami, Unreal Engine was deliberately chosen to uniform eFootball 2022 gameplay across all platforms, including mobile (Android and iOS).

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Apart from graphics, players also regret the gameplay presented in eFootball 2022.

After the excitement about eFootball 2022 which was considered a failure as a substitute for Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), Konami as the developer finally spoke up.

The Japanese game company apologized to the players for the graphics problem of eFootball 2022 which was delivered directly through the official Twitter account @play_eFootball.

“After releasing eFootball 2022, we received a lot of feedback and requests to balance the game. We also acknowledge several reports of problems experienced by users including cut-scenes, player facial expressions, player movement, and the ball,” wrote Konami.

In the future, Konami will continue to improve the quality of eFootball 2022 and prepare an update in October.

eFootball 2022 itself was officially released on Thursday (30/9) and can be played for free by all players.

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At the beginning of the announcement, eFootball 2022 was said to be available on a number of platforms, starting from PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Mobile.

However, based on GridGames’ monitoring, eFootball 2022 is currently only available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

While for the remaining platforms, it is still unknown when it will be available for download.

So, have any of you tried eFootball 2022?

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