Panorama of the beauty of Merese Hill in Lombok

Merese Hill is located in the southern part of the Pujut area in Central Lombok. This hill is still in the same area as the beautiful Tanjung Aan Beach.

To reach the top of the hill, it will take you about 5-10 minutes if you walk fast.

Even though the time to climb the hill is quite short, there’s nothing wrong with bringing some snacks and your reusable bottle as well. Because this hill is quite wide and you need extra energy to explore every corner of the platform which will present you with different views.

If you want to hunt Sunset, then “afternoon” around 16: 00-17: 00 WITA is the right time to climb, because the sun will be very friendly. In addition, because this hill is quite wide, you can go around first to each end of the hill while waiting for the sun to come back to bed.

Meanwhile, to hunt for Sunrise, you don’t need to visit after dawn, you can come at around 06:00 WITA to watch the sky change from dark blue to orange red, until it has a perfect transition to bright blue, as clean as the sea. From the top of the hill, you can see the sea with a crystal-like surface showing the dark corals below.

Since the weather in Central Lombok tends to be very hot during the day, you should visit it in the morning and evening. The fact you need to know is, if NTB is one of the areas in Indonesia that is exposed to the most sunlight, which is about 8 full months.

The conclusion is that Merese Hill is indeed the most exotic tourist spot if you want to enjoy the enchanting sunset view.

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