Pests that Cause Crop Failure

4 Pests that Cause Crop Failure

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Pests that Cause Crop Failure.

When we talk about growing fruit crops, there is one thing that can be a nightmare for growers: pests. These pests can threaten the hard-earned harvest.

In this article, we’ll look at some of Pests that Cause Crop Failure for fruit trees, and ways to deal with them.

Here are some Pests that Cause Crop Failure:

1. Fruit Caterpillar

They eat the inside of the fruit, leaving behind tissues that are hollow and rot. Fruit caterpillars usually appear in summer and can easily spread from one fruit to another. If you find signs of caterpillars, you can use organic larvicide or maintain cleanliness around your garden to reduce the caterpillar population.

2. Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are pests that often cause damage to ripe fruit. They lay their eggs inside the fruit and the larvae feed on the pulp, making it rotten and unfit for consumption. To avoid fruit flies, you can use fruit fly traps and maintain cleanliness around your garden.

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3. Mole

They tunnel underground and feed on plant roots, causing growth failure and damage to the root system. To deal with moles, you can use mousetraps or rely on natural predators such as rat-eating birds.

4. Aphids

They usually attack the young shoots and leaves of fruit plants. Aphids will suck the juices from the plant, causing the leaves to turn yellow, dry, and even fall. To deal with these pests, you can use natural insecticides or try organic controls such as flea-eating insects.

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Those are some Pests that Cause Crop Failure.

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