Presto grilled chicken
Chicken 1 tail, cut to taste water to taste sweet soy sauce
Butter (to burn)

Mashed Spices:
Shallot 5 cloves
Garlic 3 cloves
Ginger 1 cm
Turmeric 2 cm
Laos 5 cm (thinly sliced)
Lengkuas 3 Seeds
Hazelnut 5 Seeds
Citrus leaves 3 sheets
Salam leaves 3 sheets

Ingredients of tomato sauce:
Great red chili + red cayenne pepper (let it be spicy) tomato
Salt to taste
Brown Sugar to taste

Complementary Tempe

How to build:
1. Put the delicate seasoning and chicken into the Presto pan, stir until blended, add the soy sauce to taste (adjust the sweet taste), add salt, and Royco and water to taste.
2. Boil the chicken in the Presto pot for 3/4 hours, so that the meat and bones are tender.
3. After the chicken is cooked, grilled chicken with melted butter first
4. The Presto grilled chicken is ready to be served with tomato sauce and as a complement of fried Tempe and fresh vegetables

How to make Sambal:
1. Fry chili, tomato, candlenut, shallot, and garlic
2. The smooth all sauce ingredients that have been fried coupled with salt to taste and brown sugar to taste.


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