Quality Chicken Coop

6 How to Make a Quality Chicken Coop

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Quality Chicken Coop.

Have you ever thought about having your own quality chicken coop in your yard? It feels really good if you want to go to the chicken coop, the place is easy to reach, easy to control, and so on.

You can do this too and make it happen yourself. To make a Quality Chicken Coop, you have to pay attention to the following things:

1. Chicken Coop Has Ventilation

Quality chicken coops always have ventilation. This is because the ventilation is very functioning for the entry and exit of air. Exiting air can improve air circulation, remove unwanted odors, and keep the chicken coop from damp.

2. The Chicken Coop Has Security

Quality chicken coops also pay attention to security from various sides, starting from safety from predators, security from thieves, security from extreme weather, and so on.

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Make sure the chicken coop is strong enough so that predators such as cats, dogs or other wild animals cannot penetrate it.

3. Chicken Coop Must Be Hygienic

A quality chicken coop must remain hygienic. This is intended so that the chicken coop is always clean. Even if it’s dirty, cleaning doesn’t need to be bothered and easy to do.

Cleanliness does not only apply to chicken coops, but also addresses issues of sanitation, cleanliness of places to eat and drink, bedding for cages, and so on.

Dirty chicken coops can bring up various kinds of diseases and obviously this can be detrimental.

4. Chicken Coop can Protect from Extreme Weather

Quality chicken coops can also protect chickens from extreme weather, such as rain, scorching heat, and strong winds.

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This means, there must be some additional equipment that is also needed, such as heating when the weather is rainy, fans when the weather is hot, and several other equipment.

5. The Chicken Coop Has Lighting

A quality chicken coop also has good lighting. This is intended to regulate sleep patterns. When the chicken coop light is on, it can be a sign that the chickens need to be awake and when it is turned off, it can be a sign that the chickens need to sleep.

6. The Chicken Coop Has The Right Size

Quality chicken coops have the size needed depending on how many chicken populations you want to keep. The more chickens you want to keep, the bigger the chicken coop you need.

Try the chicken coop is not too narrow. Chicken coops that are too narrow will cause overcrowding and can affect the growth of the quality of the chickens.

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