Some of the Benefits of Marlin Fish for Health

Marlin fish has a shape similar to Sailfish and Todak fish, because they both have sharp snouts and the ability to swim fast.

These three types of fish are also widely hunted in fishing activities.

Marlin fish can weigh up to 170 kg, 180 cm to 300 cm in length and are found in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean.

Marlin fish also like artificial bait that humans use for fishing.

That’s why Marlin fish are easy to fish, but difficult to catch because of their great strength, and when there is a big storm it will not be caught.

Usefulness of Marlin Fish

1. Contains vitamin A

Vitamin A is known to be very good for human vision, so the benefits of marlin fish for the eyes are very good.

By eating marlin fish, we will also get the benefits of vitamin A content for good eyesight and healthy eye conditions. Vitamin A can especially be obtained from fish liver oil which is consumed regularly.

2. Contains calcium

Everyone has different calcium needs, for example in children during the growing period of pregnant women and nursing mothers who are not the same.

Lack of calcium, especially in these three conditions, can cause bones to become porous easily, brittle, bone formation is not perfect and frequent muscle spasms.

3. Contains vitamin B complex

The content of vitamin B complex provides benefits of marlin fish in terms of hair health.

This content will make the hair not easily dull and fall out so that the condition of the scalp is in a healthy state.

4. Controlling blood flow

Not only marlin meat has health benefits, but other body parts such as the head and eyes of marlin contain many other properties.

Especially the head and eyes of blue marlin which contain polysaccharides which are useful for controlling blood flow so that they avoid blockage problems.

5. Contains vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important for maintaining healthy bones and teeth of humans, therefore consuming marlin fish will also have a positive effect on the condition of our bodies.

Marlin fish meat can meet the needs of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D as well as for the human body.

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