Tanjung Aan Beach Lombok, A Must-Visit Little Heaven

Tanjung Aan Beach is one of the mainstays of Lombok. The beach is not only famous for presenting beautiful scenery around it.

The waves that are owned by Tanjung Aan Beach are not that big, sometimes even have very calm waves. Very suitable for swimming.

The depth of the sea is fairly shallow with decent underwater beauty.

The unique sand texture is also used by many people as a playing field, especially for children. It is suitable to be visited with family.

If visitors use private vehicles, it is certainly very easy to get to Tanjung aan location.

If from the nearest beach, Kuta Lombok, visitors only need to travel 15 minutes by vehicle and the travel distance is about 3 km.

The road conditions to get to Tanjung Aan Beach are fairly good so tourists don’t need to worry about the road conditions to the Tanjung Aan Beach tourist location.

Exciting activities on the beach of Tanjung Aan Lombok

1. Swimming

This condition allows you to swim in the beach area. The sea water here has a dark blue and greenish color. Swimming on this beach can be an interesting activity.

2. Surf

Entering the afternoon, the sea water in this coastal area will experience high tides.

You can surf on the waves. Surfing activities on this beach are fairly safe.

3. Climbing the Hill

There is a hill called Marese hill in this coastal area. This green hill has a climbing route.

Besides getting a good view, hiking in this place can also be a means of exercise, you know.

4. See the Sunset

Many tourists come to this beach because they want to hunt the sunset.

You can see this sunset from the beach or up the Marese hill.

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