The beauty of Mount Tunak Tourism in Lombok

Mount Tunak Nature Park is a forest located in the lowlands, which is at an altitude of 0-105 masl. After walking through the seasonal forest on Mount Tunak, then you will find the beauty of a hidden beach as a jackpot.

Natural Beach Expanse

On this beach you can enjoy the wide expanse of white sand beach that is slammed by the waves of the Indonesian Ocean. You can set up a tent for camping to spend the day off with friends or family.

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The blue sea of ​​the Indonesian Ocean

The vastness of the clean blue Indonesian Ocean will warmly welcome you once you set foot in this natural tourist park. The blue sea meets the clear sky and the white clouds will give you a refreshing serenity.

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Enjoying the Beautiful Sunset

When the afternoon starts to greet you, try to go up to the top of the hill and enjoy the beautiful sunset at TWA Mount Tunak beach. The orange sunshine offers its own shade and romance. Her beauty adds to the perfect harmony of beauty on this beach.

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