The beauty of Tanjung Bloam Beach in Lombok

For those of you who love the beauty of the beach, don’t miss a visit to Tanjung Bloam Beach. The beach which is located in Lombok, East Nusa Tenggara, precisely in the Jerowaru area, East Lombok offers a variety of beauties that you must enjoy.

Tanjung Bloam Beach can be reached by using a motorized vehicle, either car or motorbike. The distance to Tanjung Bloam Beach from Mataram City is about 2-3 hours by road.

The route is the same as going to Tanjung Ringgit, but before you enter Tanjung Ringgit, you turn right, entering a road that is not so wide, but enough for one car to pass.

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The natural beauty of the beach is still natural

The beauty of Tanjung Bloam beach makes this beach has natural beauty that is still preserved. You can freely enjoy the authenticity of Tanjung Bloam Beach when you visit there.

Clear Beach Water

In addition to white and clean beach sand, Tanjung Bloam Beach also has clear blue sea water.

Endless Photo Spot

You will enjoy the overall beauty of Tanjung Bloam Beach from the top of the cliff. Making you never stop capturing through camera shots.

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So much is not offered by Tanjung Bloam Beach? So, what are you waiting for, immediately add Tanjung Bloam Beach to the list of beaches you are going to visit with friends or family.

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