The printer solution is always Paper Jam even though there are no paper jams

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Paper jam problems on the printer can be said to be a common problem. We are like a disease that is most often encountered by printer users today. And of course, if it’s like that, we can’t use the printer to its full potential.

Generally a notification will appear when something is up, or there is a paper jam. Even if we pay attention, we check left and right on the printer, there is absolutely nothing involved. This means that the notification is not completely accurate meaning there is another problem.

Well, what is the solution? namely by means of REINPUT the head id. I found this info from a technician friend who is said to have done this method several times and thank God WORK.

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How to Reset Epson L1300 Guaranteed to Work, what is the Head id? Head id is the serial number on the head of each printer.

so if we pay attention (especially the Epson printer) on the head there will be a series attached. well that’s the head id of your printer, pay attention to the picture below for more details, the image above is the location of the head id (L120) and to see the head id directly we must first unload the printer cartridge.

Please download to check the head id with the resetter tool, the method is quite simple. First of all, please open the resetter tool that you downloaded earlier.

After the application open just click Particular Adjustment, a new window will appear then look for the head id.

Then don’t close it first, record the head id then enter the head id in the input column (Don’t Be Wrong), make sure that the number of digit head id is 10 pieces then input. after that please turn off the printer then turn it on.

Try a test print. in the case of paper jams that I encountered can be resolved using this method. Paper that goes into the printer is no longer stapled.

(problem solved) please try it, hopefully with this simple article it can be of benefit to you. and if there are problems or have questions related to what we discussed in this thread, feel free to leave questions. we will help as much as we can.

last word good luck greetings

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